Why I'm Running

The last two years have been a massive wake up call that our freedoms are not just under threat, but have been stripped from us. The people of this country have been coerced to take an experimental drug for a virus that we now know was lab created. Our freedom to choose whether we mask ourselves or our children was decided for “our health.” The value of our money has been stolen by the printing of trillions of dollars to fix problems the government created; resulting in inflation and a hefty bill we will pass onto future generations. As parents, we have been told we are not the primary stakeholder in our children’s lives and have been arm bent into co-parenting with the government. Our coal and oil industries have been taken down at the knees by federal and state regulations. Our elections have been compromised and those who truly represent the people are being silenced all across the country. Worst of all, those of us willing to speak out and use our First Amendment right against these things are labeled as “domestic terrorists” by our own government.

As safe as we feel here in our wide open Wyoming, these issues have affected us all in some way or another. The Equality State has always been said to be a conservative, deep red state. Unfortunately, we are losing that title and the battle for it in our legislature and soon, our values that we cherish along with it. Our last session was extremely disappointing and key pieces of legislation that should have been an easy pass, were tabled by so called Republicans that represent us. We can all see through their games, and it’s clear who is fighting for us and our values and who votes with the other side all while sporting an “R” beside their name. I love this state and especially our beloved Campbell County. In order for our freedoms and values to be protected, more Conservative House Representatives are needed. I will represent us in district 3, by standing for our conservative values, our livelihoods in the ranching and energy industry, our freedoms and help stop the unnecessary spending and tax advances that are hitting us in the pocketbook. In order to protect Wyomingites’ way of life and the future of our children, it’s time we reminded the establishment that we are governed by and for The People. Wyoming can and will have a beautiful future, help me fight to keep it!

Deep Wyoming Roots

My Great-Grandparents homesteaded in Wyoming in the 1930’s with two toddlers, a dream and a soddy house. I am proud to say I grew up among the cowboys and the roughnecks. I went to school here, married here and now I’m raising my family here.

Over the 20 years I have served in various ministry positions with Family Life Church. From Youth Pastoring to the current Women’s Ministry. Over these last two decades I have seen and experienced the ups and downs, booms and busts that Campbell County and her families have endured. My family has been supported by the very industries that are under attack in Wyoming. No matter the fight, we know living here is worth it, so in 2015 we started to build a side business and in 2020 my husband took our Gunsmithing business full time.

I have a vision for Gillette and Campbell County to be a place that keeps our way of life, our conservative traditional values and our work ethic. Wyoming is a special place, and I want our children, and grandchildren to have a future here.