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About Abby Angelos

Wyoming Native / Business Owner / Mother of Three

I have always had a patriotic passion for America and big beautiful Wyoming. I am proud of the values our country has stood for even with our challenging and complex history. I am equally proud to come from a family of well-informed conservatives who share my love for this great state and country.

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The coal, oil, and gas industries are the absolute backbone to our great state and to District 3 which includes Wright, the beating heart of Campbell County’s economy. The federal mindset of demonizing the extraction industries, cutting them down at the knees, while using them to prop up their own agenda has permeated the Wyoming legislature. I will fight to reduce state level regulations and lease restrictions, and mitigate Federal regulations to let loose the power of the private sector to create jobs and reliable energy.


We (the people) have put certain core responsibilities in the hands of the government. But we have allowed the government to go so far beyond its original limits that it would be unrecognizable to our founding fathers. There is absolutely no case for increased taxes. We are all taxed enough, and I will fight to cut government spending across the board.


Wyoming is the last land of the free. However, when we accept federal dollars for “economic development,” education, Medicare, resources, etc.., we sell our freedom bit by bit to the the tyrants in DC. We saw this in full display when our hospitals were threatened to be closed down if they did not mandate their employees take an experimental drug. The attack on our energy industry also has to be addressed. Campbell County is the driving force for revenue here in this state. Which means the rest of the state is dependent on us, where Campbell County goes, Wyoming follows. We can and must stand for Wyoming First if we are to protect our freedoms, economy and way of life.

Family & Education


While each person should be free to live as they choose, equal under the law, I believe that biblical family values and a strong family unit is the fundamental core of our nation. It is no accident that the ideological enemies of the West constantly seek to destroy the family unit through culture, education, and welfare programs. We must defend the family, its values, and its sovereignty at every level, from the classroom to the floor of the House of Representatives.


I believe in the sanctity of life and believe that it begins at conception. I believe that abortion is the murder of the unborn and is one of the gravest evils any society has permitted. As a mother my heart breaks for any woman considering ending her pregnancy for whatever reason, but the life within her is still worth protecting. It is up to the family, churches, communities, and even government to provide more life-affirming support to these women; not life-ending procedures and call it “healthcare.”


Wyoming is blessed with amazing schools. I graduated from Wright Jr. Sr. High School (go Panthers!), my children are enrolled in the C.C.S.D, and I have been on the PTO board at our neighborhood elementary school for 7 years. Working closely with staff in the school, has reiterated that I am so proud of the quality of teachers and administrators in our district. Unfortunately, the realities of the state budget will require cuts to our educational budget. With proper stewardship and planning, we can absorb these cuts without laying off a single teacher. Our legislators and school districts must take this seriously, and incrementally reduce spending now so we can protect our incredible teachers and students.

Freedom & Security


Over the past two years we saw our federal, state, and local governments assume more power than any other time in our history. We learned that in the name of “public health” absolutely no freedom, liberty, or constitutional amendment was sacred to the establishment politicians (in both parties) and unelected bureaucrats. Unfortunately, this was true in Wyoming from the governor, all the way down to local elected officials. Meanwhile, we watched some of our legislators do nothing but play parliamentary games, pretending to represent the will of Wyomingites while ensuring nothing was done to upset their “establishment” friends in DC. As your representative, I will not only fight to strip these unconstitutional powers from bureaucrats, but fight the corruption that has enabled this to happen in the first place.


No republic can survive if there is no confidence in the democratic process that we use to elect our representatives. Election rules and procedures exist to prevent fraud, and in 2020 those rules were unconstitutionally changed or ignored (in the name of public health). No more! We can not change what happens in other states, but here in Wyoming we will ensure that our elections are secure and constitutional. Enforcing Wyoming’s Voter ID law, one day counting, and rigid chain of custody requirements for absentee ballots are but a few of the ways Wyomingites can have complete confidence in the outcomes of our elections.


“…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

It’s that simple! Yet we can not ignore the machinations of the tyrants in DC and their desperate agenda to disarm the people. The Biden administration has started calling gun violence a “public health crisis.” We have seen what they will do in the name of “public health.” As your representative I will proactively guard against the assault on our second amendment whether it’s from politicians, bureaucrats, or even public health officials.

Are you in Wyoming House District 3?

Wyoming House District 3 spans the southern half of Campbell County with a leg half way up the county’s western border. It includes much of Force Road, Antelope Valley, Remington Estates, everything on Hwy 50 south of W-4JRoad, everyting on Hwy 59 south of Shoshone Ave, and Wright.

If you are uncertain what district you are in since redistricting, you can use this interactive map on the Wyoming Legislature website to confirm:

See Interactive District Map